Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions of hire Between



(2) You, the Customer


Agreement Refers to the terms & conditions identified and contained herein and to which, by confirming your booking, you agree to accept.

Balance Refers to the balance of the sum, following payment of the deposit, for the hire of a limousine or like vehicle.

Booking Your agreement to enter into a contract with us for the purposes of hiring a limousine in accordance with your instructions for payment.

Deposit The initial payment made to EASY LIMO as confirmation of your booking.

Hire Refers to the hire of a Limousine or like vehicle through EASY LIMO .

Operator Refers to the party who shall provide you with your services on the date of hire.

Payment The total amount due from you for the hire of your vehicle.

We Refers to EASY LIMO and shall include terms such as ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’.

You Refers to you personally and/or members of your travelling party and/or any person authorised by you to discuss or amend the details of this hire agreement, but not its content.

Terms & Conditions

By confirming your booking, you accept our terms & conditions.


1. Deposit- The payment of your deposit confirms that you agree and accept these terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them accordingly. We cannot confirm your booking until your deposit ispaid and received by us. Please note that the deposit and booking fee is non-refundable in any circumstance.

2. Balance– The balance of the payment due shall be paid directly to the Operator. The Operator retains the right to terminate the agreement if payment is not made upon demand or if the Operator reasonably considers that it is unlikely that the balance will be paid. Such termination is at the Operator’s absolute discretion. The Operator shall be entitled to contact you in advance of the date of hire in order to seek payment of the outstanding balance and in the event of refusal, shall be entitled to terminate the booking with immediate effect.

The Booking

3. Your instructions- We rely upon the information provided to us and confirm that the price quoted to you represents the information that we have received directly from you. In the event of variation of those instructions, we or the Operator, will be entitled to discuss additional fees and will be entitled to terminate the hire if and in the event, not further payment is made. Should you provide information that is inaccurate, untrue or misleading, we reserve the right to re-calculate our charges and/or terminate the booking without notice. If and in the event, your conduct or that of your party during the course of hire, causes unreasonable delay, disruption or through your conduct or one of your party, results in the Operator being required to cancel or incur loss in relation to any other and subsequent booking, the Operator retains the right to charge you additional costs for the delay, disruption or cancellation.

4. Confirmation- BY YOU MAKING A PAYMENT OVER THE PHONE OR YOU CAN REQUEST TO confirm the details of your booking in writing.

5. Amendments- You are entitled to amend your booking up to seven days before your date of hire. Such amendments may incur a cost and we shall notify you of any such cost at the time you make the amendment. Such costs are incurred due to the fact that all amendments will require the completion of new documents and confirmation slips accordingly. Amendments will be made subject to availability. Should your amendments result in the cancellation of the agreement, our standard terms of cancellation shall apply. If and in the event of a problem, We and/or the Operator, reserve the right to amend or alter the terms and conditions of hire. Should we need to do so, we shall notify you as soon as reasonably practicable. Upon receipt, should you wish to raise an objection to the amended terms and conditions, and where possible we will provide you with forty-eight hours within which to do so.

6. Replacement- If and in the unlikely event, your designated vehicle is unavailable, un-roadworthy orunfit for purpose, we and/or the Operator will endeavour to obtain and replace your vehicle with an equivalent or better model, but we are unable to guarantee any specifications to said vehicles including, but not limited to, vehicle colour, interior features, decor or style of the vehicle. We shall only do this in exceptional circumstances and shall endeavour, but cannot guarantee, to notify you of any alterations. In the event of alteration, you agree that EASY LIMO UK LTD shall not be liable or responsible for any loss or disappointment caused or occasioned.

7. Cancellation- If you cancel your booking, you will lose your deposit. Subject to the date of cancellation, you may be subject to a minimum cancellation charge of £160. The imposition of this charge is dependent upon when notification of cancellation is provided. All cancellations MUST be in writing AND OVER THE PHONE either in correspondence or via email. The Operator may decide not to impose the cancellation charge, but this is entirely dependent upon circumstances, which we/they will determine in our/their absolute discretion. We do not accept cancellation of any booking by telephone. In the event of cancellation, we shall provide to our Operator, your personal information for the purposes of securing recovery of any cancellation charge. By accepting these terms and conditions, you consent and authorise us to provide to our operator your personal and/or credit/debit card information and authorise, in the event of cancellation, payment of the cancellation charges limited to the actual costof hire. In the event that the Operator seeks to recover the whole booking fee, they shall provide written notice of the outstanding sum. If no dispute is raised within seven days, you authorise our Operator to claim upon your credit/debit card, the entire cost of booking and any associated administration costs.

8. Termination- We reserve the right to terminate any agreement, at any time, if we consider that the purpose of the hire or the payment made or balance due, comes from or relates to a dishonest or illegal activity.


9. Your Liability- You agree that neither you, nor any person in your party, shall commit any criminal act whilst in occupation of the Operator’s vehicle or act in a manner that is disruptive, offensive or threatening. The Operator reserves the right to terminate the hire with immediate effect and eject any and all passengers. Neither we, nor our operator shall be liable for any subsequently incurred travelling or re-patronisation costs. You agree that neither you, nor any person in your party, shall smoke inside the vehicle. You agree that neither you, nor any person in your party will cause any damage to the vehicle and you agree that in the event that you or any one of your party do cause damage to the vehicle, howsoever caused, that any and all repair costs shall be your responsibility and we and/or our Operator are entitled to pursue you accordingly, for any and all costs incurred, including hire of any other replacement vehicle.

10. Our Liability- EASY LIMO UK LTD will not be held liable for any financial or personal loss, personal injury or damage, howsoever caused or occasioned and you agree that that you will not pursue any legal claim against us for the acts or omissions of the Operator. We confirm that we have conducted all reasonable and prudent enquiries into our Operator’s and to the best of knowledge and belief all our Operators are fully and individually insured with a valid and on-going policy of motor and public liability insurance. EASY LIMO UK LTD are solely responsible for the booking and hire of the limousine or relevant vehicle. The Operator is and remains responsible for the provision of a regulated and relevant driver. Neither EASY LIMO UK LTD nor the Operator will not be liable for any personal or financial loss arising from the cancellation or delay of the hire in the event of matters arising that our beyond our control – such matters including, but not limited to, acts of terrorism, war, riot, civil or public disturbance, industrial disputes, fire, road traffic accidents, road works or technical problems with regards to the Operator’s vehicle.

11. Own Insurance- We recommend that if your hire is for a specific purpose or event, that you have or obtain your own policy of adequate and sufficient insurance, relevant to the specific purpose or event.

Complaints & Issues

12. Complaints- In the unlikely event that you should need to pursue a complaint, we invite and direct you to address your complaint directly to our Operator, who will respond within 21 days. You agree that any complaint or claim for re-imbursement will be directed to our Operator and that EASY LIMO UK LTD shall not be liable for any claim or compensation.

13. Rights- Our terms and conditions do not affect your rights as a consumer.

14. Jurisdiction- the laws and jurisdiction of England & Wales govern this agreement.




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